Natural Pet NW


Natural Pet NW was opened by Vicki in 1998 because of her beautiful Lab named Wally. Poor nutrition can lead to many health issues. Food is the foundation to good health.  I soon learned the pet food industry is a "by-product" industry where all the "not fit for humans ingredients" are eligible to put in a bag of pet food.  That was in 1998. At that time there were only a handful of quality pet foods on the market. Industry guidelines have not changed much but now there are so many great pet foods to offer our customers.

No chemicals or by-products are in either of our stores. We have eight freezers, shelves of freeze dried and racks of great quality clean pet food to offer you. Our staff are long timers and can help you design a nutritional program to fit all your pets needs.   Stop in today!

In 2009 we opened our second store in Kauai, Hawaii.  Natural Pet Hawaii.

You can find both stores on Facebook.

Natural Pet NW

Natural Pet Hawaii

212 NE 164th Ave. # 8 (164th Plaza)

​Vancouver, WA  98684